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We deliver systems, tooling, process expertise and services for the entire automotive industry.


Bottle Making

Process reliability, high output and quality are especially important in the beverage industry and in the manufacturing of aerosol cans


Cookware And Utensils

With over a 50 years of experience in deep draw presses


Deep Draw Die and Mould

We have developed certain dies and moulds to have unbelievable life and superior component finish.

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Who We Are

SHARMA MACHINE TOOLS was established in the year 1971 by Late Sh. J.S. Sharma F/O Sh. Prakash Sharma was the first man, who designed and developed “FIRST TIME IN INDIA” the “DEEP DRAWING DOUBLE ACTION PRESSES”. In 1954, for the manufacturing of steel and aluminum utensils of various ranges, Automobile parts, Defense engineering items and various sheet metal pressing items

The range we offer has unmatched quality standards and way better than our counterparts. Gaining knowledge of the market from past 50 years, we have become capable enough to adapt to every challenging market situation.

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